How to Select the Best Registered Training Organisation and Training Delivery

There are so many Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia. Just how do you select the best RTO to suit your needs and course requirements? A poor decision on this can waste substantial time and money.

Apart from looking at which RTOs offer the courses in which you’re interested, you should look at course fees. The most expensive course is not necessarily good value or the best course.

My earlier blog on Vet Fee Help covered much of the discussion about course value for money.
The next thing to consider is how you learn.

If you: –

  • prefer to learn from lectures rather than by self-paced reading and videos
  • don’t get frustrated at waiting for the slowest students in your class
  • are prepared to wait until your next lecture or tutorial to get help, chase up tutors when you miss a class
    don’t mind the travel time and costs

then you are probably better off paying the extra for an attendance based course rather than a distance education course. However, if you prefer to have flexibility in your time commitments to allow for a busy life and if you want to learn at your own pace and progress at a speed that suits you, then a distance education course is usually the better and more cost effective option.
If you are choosing a distance education course, how do you minimize the downsides of this method of study? Ask the RTO the following questions: –

  • Does the RTO offer support at the times you are likely to be studying? For example, Flexlearn offers freecall 1800 support (and email support) 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm
  • Is there a nag option for students who need regular encouragement to motivate them? Flexlearn offers the option where your trainer will call you regularly and help you work through your course
  • Are there options on how to learn?
  • Can you choose between a traditional workbook or an on-line digital presentation? Flexlearn offers both options.

Next, if you have existing skills,

  • how does the RTO provide recognition of them?
  • Is the process so overly bureaucratic that it is better to do the complete assessment program?

Call the RTO and discuss what is required. This can save most students who have been working in their chosen course area an enormous amount of time and frustration.
Call the RTO and ask to speak to a trainer (not a salesperson) about the coursework. Are they friendly, helpful and clear in their explanations?

What are the refund policies for the RTOs on your short list? These should be on their web site and easy to find. They should provide a clear explanation as to the fees that are charged if you exit from your course early.

Finally, what is the reputation of your RTO? Some are more interested in profit than their students. Some have so many students that you won’t get personalized service. There aren’t any RTOs who really offer an advantage in the job market. The importance is placed on the qualification that you have … not which RTO you issued it. Each RTO has to train you to meet the same competency standards.

To select the best RTO and training delivery, understand the issues that I’ve outlined in this blog and how they apply to you and then do your homework.

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