Vet Fee Help Review – Not Needed?

Many Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are promoting the use of Vet Fee Help to allow students to pay for their business diploma course. At Flexlearn, we believe that students using this option are making a serious mistake. Why do we say this?

Firstly, do some research in to the course fees being charged. You’ll find that the course fees charged by Vet Fee Help funded institutions are much higher. Most Vet Fee Help business diploma courses are priced above $10 000 with many charging significantly more. At Flexlearn we charge only $1495 for the same course and the same qualification. This covers all of your tuition and assessment. There are no hidden extra charges. We provide the same high quality training resources (we offer both online as well as workbook based approaches) that many Vet Fee Help approved registered training organisations use.

We have highly experienced staff available to help students 7 days a week for extended hours (8am to 8pm). Our parent company (Cottonsoft Software Pty Ltd) has been in business since 1987 and has been a registered training organisation since 1994. Not only have thousands of students completed our courses and provided us with a wealth of highly favourable testimonials, we have an exemplary record with Government auditors. Why would you pay eight or ten times as much for what is effectively the same product?

Secondly, a student who sees themselves as a potential businessperson would look carefully at their future debt. Under Vet Fee Help, you will have a significant debt to pay off in the future as soon as you start to be successful. This debt will increase each year at the rate of inflation until you pay it off. At Flexlearn, we believe it makes better sense to pay your much lower course fees on timed direct debit at amounts each month that you can afford. That’s right, you can talk to us and determine what you can afford. This way, you will be debt free and ready to gain the benefits of your training. Don’t be fooled by marketing that trumpets no upfront costs. The end result is a significant debt.

Focus on choosing a reputable registered training organisation to deliver training that you can afford and that doesn’t leave you with significant debts. Our next blog will focus on what you should look for when choosing the best RTO and course for you.

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