Government Funding

It used to be that only big business had access to government grants but, these days, small businesses and individuals are getting savvy about accessing these incredible opportunities.

Certificate 3 Guarantee Program offered by the Queensland Government is currently a very generous and flexible program to provide skills and qualifications to Queensland residents. The full cost of the training for the student is $25. The government pays the remaining fees for you. You have to be:a Queensland resident, no longer at school, and do not have an existing qualification (in any field) higher than a Certificate II level you will most likely be eligible for this generous funding offer.

Get a Certificate III in Business qualification

Get credit for your existing work skills

The Queensland Government is helping you to gain a qualification

“Certificate 3 Guarantee Program”.

You only pay $25!  (No loans – nothing to pay back in the future)

  • There are NO CLASSES TO ATTEND (If however you have a group at a workplace & want some practical examples relating your work we can negotiate running classes for you)
  • All coursework is done using self-paced workbooks that use practical workplace examples
  • Course also available online.
  • Complete your study at your own pace, time and place
  • If you need help, you contact our friendly trainers 7 days a week on our 1800 number or by email
  • Gain skills in customer service,management, marketing & WH&S…