Our Courses

Flexlearn courses are designed to place students and businesses ahead of the competition by equipping them with up-to-the-minute skills in modern business practice and technology. Our courses are nationally recognised. We’re like a TAFE, but as an RTO, we understand the business environment better and offer greater flexibility:


Who suits what course?

  • Diploma: Advanced level skills for managers and team leaders.
  • Certificate IV: high level admin staff, managers, sales staff, customer service staff, business owners. These courses are one level below a Diploma qualification but totally achievable within twelve months.
  • Certificate III: suitable for those who already have a good basic knowledge of their chosen subject area and wish to extend that knowledge.
  • Certificate II: perfect for those with limited experience wanting to gain an entry level qualification.

Too much choice?

We recommend the Certificate IV in Business for most students with work experience because it includes the widest range of options and complete flexibility in subject selection. If you’re not sure what is the right course for you, complete the Inquiry Form on the right hand side of this page or give one of our Course Supervisors a call on 1800 812 908.

But what will I learn?

For a complete list of the subjects you could study as part of your course, click here. You do not need to choose subjects when you enrol  – your course supervisor will help you select subjects to meet your needs.