Our Business Subjects

This page contains a full list of all our Business subjects in alphabetical order. You can also browse our subjects by interest area to see our recommendations for people wanting to learn more about administration, marketing, customer service, finance, management, communication, information management, OH&S, writing and desktop publishing, computer use and the latest trends in business such as environment and social media.

Address Customer Needs

What does your customer want and how do you know that? In today’s business landscape, there are more ways than ever to conduct market research and we’ll show you what works. We’ll show you how to go from sales person to trusted advisor by getting to know your customers and meeting their expectations.

Analyse and Present Research Information

Learn how to gather and present data in a way that speaks to your management team and makes an impact. Turning raw data into relevant research and effectively communicating your findings is an art form that takes skill and practice. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to communicate your research with finesse.

Communicate electronically

Did you know that most offices don’t have a fax machine anymore? Employees communicate via email, texting and even social media. Learn about teleconferencing, webinars and the technology that ties it all together.

Communicate in the workplace

The ability to communicate well is the most important business skill there is. FlexLearn will train you to communicate with confidence and purpose across different levels of your organisation. We’ll help you avoid common communications pitfalls and present a polished image at all times.

Conduct online transactions

E-commerce is a huge growth area for many businesses. The internet has become the world’s largest shopping mall with unlimited selection. This course explores how to create a meaningful experience for online shoppers. We’ll teach you how to conduct transactions using various software platforms and without sacrificing customer service.

Contribute to workplace innovation

Employees who improve on the status quo add value to the workplace. Learn how to identify areas for improvement and how to communicate with management so that your innovation is recognised.

Coordinate Business Resources

You have to spend money to make money, but exactly how much? This unit shows you how to analyse existing and required resources, and how to strategically apply them in an accountable environment.

Coordinate Implementation of Customer Services Strategies

Responsive customer service can turn a consumer disaster into an opportunity to engage customers and lead industry change. Learn how to implement strategic customer service strategies that will make all the difference not only to your company, but to the clients you serve.

Create and use databases

Most organisations rely on databases to manage and store information. The ability to create and use databases is an important part of managing office systems and maintaining records. FlexLearn will teach you how to build and maintain sophisticated databases using current software.

Create and use spreadsheets

Most offices use spreadsheets to create charts, reports and graphs. Don’t be left in the dark the next time your manager asks for a graphical representation of the data. Knowledge of spreadsheets is essential in today’s workplace.

Create electronic presentations

Electronic presentations follow different rules than usual word processing. We don’t just teach you the programs, we teach you how to lay out the information in coherent bite-sized portions to keep your audience engaged.

Deliver a service to customers

Front line staff work directly with customers and the service they give can make or break the customer’s experience. Learn how to manage customer expectations while going above and beyond to deliver the best service possible.

Deliver and monitor a service to customers

It’s one thing to deliver a service, and another thing to deliver it well. How do you monitor and maintain your service and make sure you’re doing your best? We’ll show you effective strategies and tactics for measuring your service and get you thinking about improvement.

Design and Develop Complex Text Documents

Those with a talent for data management will appreciate learning how to create and maintain databases using MS Access. We’ll show you how to organise and extract raw data to tell a meaningful story that will resonate with your management team. It helps to have a working knowledge of MS Excel and many students take this course in tandem with FlexLearn’s Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheet course.

Design and produce business documents

Business documents have a different look and feel than personal or social documents. Learn how to create business documents that work for you and convey a professional image every time.

Design and produce text documents

The ability to create professional and polished documents is important in the workplace. From memos to year-end reports, we’ll teach you how to create stylish and sophisticated documents that shine.

Design organisational documents using computing packages

Large organisations depend on complex charts to keep track of who’s who. Flexlearn will teach you how to create and update these documents using software common to most companies.

Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets

Learn how to crunch numbers, work in pivot tables and chart trends using MS Excel. Most employees only scratch the surface of what this powerful program is capable of. Become the office expert in excel and enhance your own career at the same time.

Develop Team and Individuals

Developing strong teams is the best way to reach complex organisational goals. Effective teams made up of talented individuals create strong morale, foster open dialogue and share wins and successes. But it’s a delicate balance and those who are skilled in this area become leaders in the workplace.

Develop Work Priorities

If you fill a jar with sand, you can’t fit any rocks in it. If you fill a jar with rocks first, you can still fit the sand. It’s all a matter of prioritising what comes first. This unit will teach you to organise priorities in an effective and strategic way.

Establish Business Networks

No department is an island. We’ll show you how to break down the silos and link with other departments and businesses in a way that enhances currency, credibility and profitability.

Follow workplace safety procedures

Depending on your workplace, safety procedures can be front and centre. Sometimes it’s tough to wrap your head around so many rules and regulations but we’ll help you navigate workplace health and safety. We’ll make sure you’re fully covered when it comes to following workplace safety procedures.

Handle mail

Some offices like law firms and government ministries handle sensitive information on a daily basis. Handling mail effectively in a sensitive environment takes political savvy and a sense of priorities. We’ll teach you some fail-safe systems to make sure every envelope reaches its destination.

Identify and Apply Risk Management Processes

Forewarned is forearmed. Learn how to assess data and past trends to forecast and manage risk. These professionals mitigate potential problems and help keep companies prepared. No more reading the tea leaves. Your company will appreciate your ability to make accurate predictions based on past performance and implement strategies to insulate them against risk.

Identify suitability for micro business

What makes one business work and another go under? How do you know which business to invest in and which one to pass on? We’ll show you how to sniff out a winner by asking the right questions and analysing the data.

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

You’ve got a great eco-friendly idea and management loves it. Now it’s time to implement and monitor its success. We’ll teach you to manage each phase of the implementation process and set up systems to monitor the outcome.

Implement Continuous Improvement

Frontline managers play an important role in achieving business objectives by implementing continuous improvement processes. This course will teach you innovative best practices so that you can stand out by helping your company succeed.

Implement Customer Service Standards

Before you deliver service directly to your customer, you have to set up the proper service systems, policies and procedures. We’ll teach you best practices for setting up your company’s customer service systems. Customer service can make or break a company and your knowledge of best practices will make you the office MVP.

Implement Effective Workplace Relationships

When employees are motivated and engaged, productivity soars. We’ll teach you the interpersonal savvy necessary to motivate your colleagues or staff, and create healthy, effective work relationships. Having these interpersonal skills is equally important to having the hard skills to do the job and will help you grow your career in directions you never thought possible.

Implement Operation Plan

This unit focuses on short-term planning techniques that are critical to operational success. We’ll teach you how to be agile, strategic and make decisions that help you grow your company and your career.

Implement Workplace Information Systems

This course is about how we inform each level of the operation information they need to be effective. It involves the identification, acquisition, initial analysis and use of appropriate information relating to the firm’s operation. Savvy organisations keep their employees in the know and we’ll show you the best ways to do this.

Integrate commercial computing packages

This course builds on the previous course but with the added complexity of integrating commercial computing packages. This is for students who already know how to operate computing packages and are ready to take their skills to the next level.

Lead & Facilitate Off-site Staff

This unit teaches you how to manage off-site staff. Telecommuting is a growing reality in today’s workplace and it takes a unique set of skills and considerations to keep off-site employees engaged. We’ll teach you how to work with your off-site staff to make sure they feel part of the team and contribute equally.

Maintain business resources

In business, ‘resources’ refers to time, people and money. Learn how to take a bird’s eye view of your company’s resources for the purpose of budgeting, monitoring and planning. This is a crucial skill to anyone in a supervisory or project management role.

Maintain daily financial/business records

Business and financial record-keeping is an important part of any organisation. First learn the major steps to maintaining important records, and then apply those steps to any office system imaginable.

Maintain financial records

Money makes the world go round and financial records prove it. The quality of financial record keeping can make or break a company. Learn how to manage financial data and maintain crystal clear financial records on behalf of your organisation.

Make a Presentation

This unit teaches professionals how to engage an audience through useful and relevant presentations. From marketing to accounting, employees are often expected to present information to their management teams or shareholders. We’ll teach you the communication skills you need to create confident and compelling presentations.

Monitor a Safe Workplace

Aimed at teaching occupational health and safety in an indoor office environment, this course will show you how to assess and create OH&S policies in your workplace. This is a valuable and, at times, mandatory role that puts people first. It’s a nice position to be in when your colleagues know you’re looking out for them.

Organise and complete daily work activities

Always late for meetings? Time management is a crucial skill that can make or break your career. Luckily we can teach you. All it takes is practice and some proven methods for organising daily tasks and keeping track of deadlines.

Organise personal work priorities and development

Still deciding what to be when you grow up? No worries. This course will help identify your career goals and determine a path to reach them. We’ll show you how to prioritise your work and create stretch tasks to help you develop.

Organise workplace information

Organising an intuitive online filing system that works for everyone isn’t as easy as it seems. We’ll teach you methods for streaming information using naming and filing protocols that make documents easy to find for everyone in the organisation.

Operate computer hardware

New to computers? No worries. We’ll teach you how to operate all the hardware, backup drives, scanners, printers and everything you can physically attach to your computer.

Operate computing packages

If the idea of opening MS Word makes you break out into a cold sweat, we can help. We’ll teach you how to operate common computing package like a pro so you never feel nervous again

Organise Meetings

Banish useless meeting syndrome! This unit teaches you to confidently and strategically conduct meetings with specific, measurable outcomes and a high rate of success.

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Environmentally sustainable work practices are becoming a priority – as long as it doesn’t cost too much! Learn some budget-friendly ways to become a green hero at your work place.

Process and maintain workplace information

Unprocessed or badly maintained information can cost an organisation everything, yet this is a common area for mistakes. Learn how to effectively process workplace information and keep your data current.

Process customer complaints

Customer complaints present a valuable opportunity for organisations to showcase their customer service skills. We’ll show you how to turn a critic into a champion and build a solid reputation for customer service along the way.

Produce desktop published documents

Desktop publishing programs allow you to go beyond word processing to create attractive promotional documents. We’ll teach you the software and basic design elements necessary for creating posters, newsletters and everything in between.

Produce simple word processed documents

Office documents are all about clarity. Learn how to create simple, clear, polished documents that will get your point across and make you look like the professional you are.

Produce spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are the number one tool for communicating data like sales reports or trends. The ability to create complex pivot tables and reports is essential to any financial or statistical function. We’ll show you the ropes and have you creating sophisticated spreadsheets in no time.

Project Management

It takes a combination of planning, resourcing and delegating to manage a project. This unit will equip you with the skills you need to map out your project and accomplish each task necessary for the project’s success. The ability to manage a project will change the way you approach all work tasks, big and small.

Promote Innovation in a Team Environment

Employees who promote innovation in a team environment can elevate their team in the eyes of management. But change can be tricky for teams to navigate. Learn how to identify areas for improvement and how to communicate with your team in a way that creates consensus rather than conflict.

Promote Products and Services

50% Marketing + 50% Resourcing = 100% Business acumen. We’ll show you how to get the word out and create demand for products and services while maintaining a steady supply. This is an essential business skill and your ability to see all sides will help catapult your career.

Promote Team Effectiveness

Frontline managers play an important leadership role in developing effective work-teams. We’ll teach you how to build a dream-team that focuses on roles, jobs, tasks and rewards targeted to the team rather than individuals.

Purchase goods and services

Purchasing goods and services for your organisation requires the ability to identify vendors, manage quotes and advise management. Learn various purchasing systems to make sure you make the right decision every time.

Recommend products and services

Studies show that people are more willing to purchase products that have been personally recommended. We’ll teach you how to persuade customers and build trust using a personal approach and friendly demeanor.

Report on Financial Activity

In this era of fiscal responsibility, every level of the organisation has a responsibility to report on financial activity. But how can you effectively communicate your financial position if you don’t understand accounting terms? We’ll teach you how to speak the same language as your controller and CFO and present info in a way that makes sense to those who make the decisions.

Show Leadership Skills in the Workplace

Leadership is about making informed decisions, preparing and implementing plans and the use of feedback to monitor impact. We’ll teach you how to work with all levels of staff to make meaningful decisions that positively impact your company and your colleagues.

Undertake Marketing Activities

How do you create buzz around a new product? By teaching you the basic rules of promotion, you’ll learn how to get the message out and perfectly position your product or service to create demand.

Use business technology

Business technology is always changing and it’s a challenge to stay current. We’ll review the latest trends in business technology like social media and webinars, and show you how to use new systems.

Use computer operating system

Microsoft 7, Mac OS X, Linux, what are they exactly? Hint: If you’re reading this on a computer, you’re looking at them. We’ll teach you how your computer’s operating system runs and easy ways you can improve your computer’s performance.

Use the internet

Learn how to harness the power of the internet to engage clients, conduct market research, keep tabs on the competition and communicate with colleagues. Understanding all facets of the online world – everything from FTPs and web browsing to social media – is critical to understanding today’s business landscape. This knowledge is essential to business success and FlexLearn highly recommends that all students take this course as part of their overall business study.

Using a knowledge management system

Most large organisations have a database that contains everything employees need to know about their job and their company. Learning how to navigate the knowledge management system is intrinsic to good job performance. We’ll teach you how to navigate and even improve on a basic knowledge management system.

Work effectively as an off‑site worker

Working off-site is not about taking meetings in your PJs! Working offsite takes discipline, organisational skill, and technical know-how. We’ll show you how to separate home and business, and walk you through teleconferencing and web conferencing software.

Work effectively in a business environment

Every workplace operates differently but the pressure is on you to work effectively no matter what. We’ll teach you useful strategies to help you succeed in every setting imaginable.

Work effectively in an IT environment

Do you speak tech? IT environments require employees that are conversant in the language. We’ll get you up to speed so that you can effectively navigate and communicate in an IT environment without your Tech-English dictionary!

Work effectively with diversity

Australia is a multi-cultural country where everyone gets a fair go. Different cultures and abilities can often mean different ways of communicating. Learn how to bridge these differences by building relationships and developing greater understanding.

Work effectively with others

Ten different colleagues will have ten different working styles. We’ll teach you how to identify and work alongside different styles so that you can be effective in every situation. We can’t guarantee that you’ll always get along with others, but we can help you work with them.

Write Complex Documents

It’s not enough to know how to write, in today’s workplace you have to know how to design layouts, format documents, understand styles, tables, indexes and forms in MS Word. Graduates of this course will have the skills to make an impact using smart and attractive professional documents.

Write simple documents

Good writing skills are essential in today’s workplace. Learn the basics about business English and word processing. This course will give you a good foundation to build your writing skills.

Important: You do not choose subjects when you enrol – your course supervisor will help you select subjects at your first meeting.